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A traditional photographic darkroom situated in the heart of the North West

Get in touch to book a session –

We’re running bookable sessions at Obscura to use the facilities independently on alternating Sundays

These Darkroom Film & Process sessions can be booked on our Ticketsource here:

These sessions are for people familiar with developing and printing film to come and use the facilities at Obscura.
There will be a member of the team facilitating these sessions, but these are not taught sessions.

Darkroom Facilities:

We two Rollei Enlargers (up to 6×7 & 6×6) negatives), and two LPL Enlargers (up to 6×7 with glass carriers), and we can print up to 16×20 on special request. We also have a 4×5 Enlarger but it’s out of use for the time being

Developing Facilities:

We can develop 35mm, Medium Format, & 4×5 colour & B&W film. B&W is done with Ilfotec HC Developer in paterson tanks, & Colour is done with Fuji Hunt 4-bath C41 in a Jobo processor.

Looking to spend more time in a darkroom and want to book the space? Drop us a message with what you’d like to do and how long you’ll need and we’ll get back to you.

4×5 B&W image developed and scanned here at The Darkroom

By Connor Blakey

We can also offer solo bookings of Obscura 

We do not technically have the facilities to process any bigger than 4X5 however, if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to try processing bigger (5X7 or 8X10) you are very welcome to try and do so in the pitch black in our Darkroom the old fashioned way – with the use of 10X8 trays.

Just let us know this is what you’d like to try and do before you turn up!