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A traditional photographic darkroom situated in the heart of the North West

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Scott David Jackson

Scott’s been with us since 2018 and is a photographer and cinematographer.

Scott first attended an Obscura Darkroom session in October 2018 after shooting both 35mm and 120 film on and off since 2012. He was extremely happy to find somewhere local to develop photos so he would no longer have to dev at home in the downstairs bathroom! He joined the darkroom team in early 2019.
Over the years he has worked on various projects as a DOP (Director of Photography) and has had work shown in short film festivals internationally. Most notably one of these projects was shown at a short film festival in LA, Hollywood and another shown on the IMAX screen in Manchester at
The Triangle!
His work varies but in his personal work overall he prefers to shoot portraits with natural light, he learned most of what he knows by shooting self-portraits and over the last year has enjoying playing with a more traditional, painted studio back drop!


Self portraits from 2012 (top left) to 2022 (bottom right).

He has a variety of film cameras and LOVES hand-printing in the darkroom however he most recently he fell in love with shooting instant film as you can see below…

Scott David Jackson