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A traditional photographic darkroom situated in the heart of the North West

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Calum Heywood

Calum is one of the newest members of the core team! An internationally published photographer specialising mainly in documentary, fashion and portrait photography.
UCLan BA graduate and recent MMU MA student, he started shooting film on a trip to Berlin in late 2019 with a 35mm rangefinder and his passion for film grew from there. In the last few years he’s shot most of his projects on medium format. For him it’s the style and process of working with film that he finds fascinating!

In August 2020 during lockdown 1.0, the Obscura team came together (on a facebook call) and asked him to join us! We had seen earlier in the year while we were open that Calum showed a lot of the same traits that we had before we decided to come on board and help out ourselves.

He first came to a session at Obscura Darkroom, Blackburn in early 2020 to meet people with the same passion as him and looks forward to passing on his knowledge to others while providing a space where people can be creative and explore the world of film. He definitely fits right in!

Calum Heywood